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Dr. Linzi Saigh-Larsen, ND and the team of Upper Peninsula Natural Wellness offer a unique approach to traditional healthcare. This involves building better health through improved nutrition, stress reduction, and identifying the root cause of health issues to promote natural healing.

With an emphasis on drug-free care that’s personalized for each patient, we strive for better because we know that this is what each patient deserves. When you come to see Dr. Linzi, you can feel confident that she will empower and educate you to live a happier and healthier life.

Rather than give you medications or tell you to come back when your symptoms worsen, we take the time to get to know you. Our priority is to make you feel both comfortable and confident in taking care of yourself. Your questions will be answered, your concerns will be addressed, and most importantly, you, as the patient will be valued and heard.

Finding Confidence in Your Healthcare

A desire we commonly hear from our patients is that they want to live a healthier life but just don’t know how. We believe that being healthy is a pillar in healing and living a long life, which is why this is an important part of our care. As a patient, you’ll be given the tools you need to reduce stress, eat healthy, exercise, and fuel your body with the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to function optimally. Our guidance combined with your dedication to making changes can result in improvements in your health and a natural reduction in your symptoms.

Approaching Health Issues From a Different Perspective

Every patient is given the most comprehensive care possible in an effort to help them finally find resolution to their health problems. Dr. Linzi is passionate about helping patients and this is reflected in the dedication and determination she puts into each patient’s care plan. Whether you’re coming to her for help with nutrition or you have thyroid issues that aren’t resolved with medication, she’ll give you personalized attention and care that digs deep to find answers.

If you’ve ever been disappointed by five-minute doctor’s appointments or care that’s driven by prescriptions, you’ll appreciate Dr. Linzi's approach. She looks at the body as a whole in an effort to find what’s wrong and bring it to the forefront. Although this takes more time and work, it allows her to find effective solutions that improve the health of her patients at the core. This makes the effort well worth it, especially when she’s able to see men and women live happier and healthier lives as a result.

Educating Patients to Make Self-Care Easier

Better health is achieved by doing more than just going to regular doctor’s appointments. It involves making lifestyle changes and adopting healthier habits inside and outside of the home. For this reason, we make patient education a hallmark of our care. From explaining why each solution we recommend is important to suggesting lifestyle improvements, we are thorough in order to maximize patient understanding. With this, each person is able to make daily changes and improvements with confidence.

Tackling Your Health Issues

Each patient is dealing with different health challenges, which is why personalized care is so important in our practice. Dr. Linzi will provide you with personal attention and longer appointments that ensure you receive the care you both deserve and need. She’ll work with you to identify the underlying cause of the symptoms you’re experiencing, which may be something as simple as inferior nutrition or as complex as a condition. No matter what it is, she’ll be your partner in tackling it through natural solutions that help the systems of the body work better together.

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