Becoming A Patient

For those who are interested in becoming a patient with us, we’re glad to have you. The steps we recommend all newcomers take, in order to become a patient, can be found below.

Step 1. Free Consultation

When you first contact us to become a patient, we’ll set you up with a free consultation. This appointment will last around 20 minutes and will help us understand your health concerns and what improvements you’d like to see. Even if you’re coming in simply to maintain your good health, a consultation is an important part of getting to know you.

During this appointment, we work together to determine if naturopathic medicine and acupuncture are a good fit for you. We realize our approach is unique and this is why we like to have open dialogue with our patients. We find that by doing so, each individual feels more comfortable and has a better idea of what to expect as they begin care as a patient.

Step 2. New Patient Appointment

If you decide to move forward with care, your next appointment will be the time when we get to know you in a more in-depth manner. This will include an extensive health history, a physical assessment, and an individualized care plan. These appointments take longer because Dr. Linzi takes her time to try to pinpoint the health challenges that are contributing to your symptoms.

Step 3. Follow-up Appointment

A follow up appointment will be made at around two weeks to give Dr. Linzi an opportunity to check in with you. During this time, she'll make sure your care plan is going well and can work with you to determine if there are any changes or adjustments that must be made. Follow up appointments after this will vary for each patient and can be anywhere from two to four weeks later. As time goes on your appointments will become less and less until you’ve achieved your health goals and only require maintenance.

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