At Upper Peninsula Natural Wellness, we offer services that help patients live naturally healthier lives. Dr. Linzi sees adults of all ages who are struggling with a range of health problems. She’s also glad to help those who simply want to maintain their health. Some of the services we’re glad to offer include:

Nutrition Services

• Personalized Nutritional Guidance
• Extensive Health History Review
• Nutraceuticals
• Lifestyle Changes and Recommendations
• Supplementation
• Specialized Lab Testing
• IV Nutrition

Physical Services

• Tai Chi
• Exercise Recommendations
• PRP (Plasma Rich Platelet Injections)
• Infrared Sauna

Alternative Medicine

• Acupuncture
• Hydrotherapy
• Herbal Medicine
• Botanical Medicine
• OZ Therapy

The services above are some of our most commonly provided, however, we are not limited to these only. Dr. Linzi is proud to continue her education and always strives to offer the best natural care services.

Personalized Service for Each Patient

No matter why you’re coming to us, you’ll be given personalized care that’s designed just for you. While many patients benefit from nutritional counseling or herbal medicine, others benefit from a combination of our other services. Rest assured, you won’t be limited to one or two services when we work with you. We will create a wellness plan that encompasses every solution necessary to improve your health and to help you feel amazing.

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