Is This You?

It’s common for patients who are new to our practice to wonder if they’re a good fit. To provide clarity, we’ve shared some of the most common situations our patients experience below. However, it’s important to know that we aren’t limited to only working with patients who are dealing with these issues. We welcome all adults who are simply looking for a more natural way to improve their health.

Natural Care is Important to You

When doctors recommend higher dosages or write prescriptions after only meeting with patients for a few minutes, this can leave them unsure about their health. While prescription drugs are an important part of healthcare today, natural solutions may help you improve your health by tackling what’s causing the problem in the first place. At Upper Peninsula Natural Wellness, we welcome men and women who want to embrace natural care, learn more about their bodies, and take better care of themselves.

Your “New Normal” Isn’t Acceptable to You

Many of our patients are told by their healthcare practitioners that aches, pains, discomfort, and other health issues are simply a part of life and must become their "new normal" as a result. In our office, we don't believe that. We know that every patient deserves to live a vibrant, healthy, and energetic life. We help them accomplish this by identifying health issues and resolving them naturally.

You Want to be in Control of Your Health

Our goal is for our patients to learn how to take better care of themselves so they don’t need to have healthcare appointments every week. We prepare each person to do this, by teaching them the tools and information they need to know about their health. We know that by teaching you how to make healthy choices, you’re more likely to succeed in improving your health and making a remarkable difference with the way you feel.

Your Blood Sugar is Out of Balance

In order to balance your blood sugar and improve the way you feel, it’s first important to dig deep and understand why the imbalance is happening in the first place. Dr. Linzi offers comprehensive care that does just this. She’ll work tirelessly to learn what issues are impacting your blood sugar and how those can be corrected naturally.

Your Thyroid is Out of Control

Thyroid issues can be difficult to overcome when medication is the only solution you’ve been given. We offer a new approach by looking for other problems that may be at the root of your thyroid dysfunction. By bringing these to the forefront and addressing them, the body is able to naturally heal and the thyroid can begin functioning normally again.

Your Health Continues to Decline

You listen to your care provider and take any medications that they prescribe but you never feel better. This is a common situation for our patients who ultimately end up frustrated and confused. Dr. Linzi works to help break her patients from this cycle, by providing them with more in-depth care. This means looking for the imbalances, deficiencies, deficits, conditions, and other health issues that must be addressed in order to restore health. By making whole body health a priority, many patients see improvements in the way they feel without having to take new medications or increased dosages.

Maintaining Good Health is Important

If you’re already in good health but want a naturopathic care provider to be on your side to help you maintain this, Dr. Linzi is an excellent choice. Her goal for each patient for them to take care of themselves effectively, although she understands concerns can arise. For these times, she’ll be there to help you find natural solutions for your health issues and improve upon your lifestyle to become healthier and more energetic.

You Want Personalized Care

In healthcare, what’s right for one person is very rarely right for the next, even if they present the same symptoms. To ensure effective results and save you both time and frustration, we give each patient personalized care. This includes time to talk about your health, solutions based on your body, and advice tailored to you.

A New Outlook on Your Health

At Upper Peninsula Natural Wellness, we offer patients a new outlook on their health. With comprehensive care and attention to detail, you’ll quickly learn more about your body than ever before. We’ll guide you through the process of healing and become your partner in achieving better health. No matter what health challenge you’re dealing with, or if you want to simply maintain your health, we welcome you to explore what natural care has to offer with Dr. Linzi.

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